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*image credit: Sharon Johnson Photography

My Name’s Alycia —

I am a mother.

I am a sister.

I am a daughter.

I consider myself sentimental.

I am very emotional.

I love to sing and dance, not necessarily at the same time.

I love sunshine.

I love snow.

I love all things with ruffles.

I have and always will love the color pink.

I love all things feminine.

I love little boy giggles.

I love little girl twirls.

I love simplicity.

I am inspired by light.

I love images that take my breath away.

I love watching people, how they act and react.

I love the story told in every expression and wrinkle.

I love freckles and stray hairs.

I am inspired by the ordinary.

I love perfect imperfections.

I love the story behind relationships.

I love the story a photograph can tell.

In my heart I’m just a girl, with a love for art, beauty, and emotion.

I love my life and never want to forget.

Each part of life is like a piece of a carefully put together puzzle, each piece as important as the one next to it.  I would love to have the opportunity to able capture a piece of your puzzle for you, so it will never be forgotten.

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