it’s his birthday



My sweet little Carter boy turned three today, how did that happen?  He’s becoming such a big boy, and oh so independent.  He’s always telling me that he’s being a “useful boy” when he’s doing things like singing to Owen to make him happy, and making sure he’s washing his hands after he goes potty.  He loves to drive me crazy by constantly changing into “running clothes” a.k.a pajamas, and always hiding things from me.  Boy oh boy do I have stories about this little spit-fire.  Then just a moment later he’ll say “mommy, I just want you,” and he’ll be sitting in my lap, sucking his thumb, and twirling my hair.  Those moments are the ones I will treasure for the rest of his life.  If only he would stop growing up so fast.

2 Responses to it’s his birthday

  1. tearese says:

    aww, happy birthday! Isn’t he the one that you had to get him a pony for his crib so he’d play with its hair and go to sleep? So cute. Jonah will also be three next month. They grow so fast!

  2. admin says:

    Tearese, they do grow up WAY too fast! Preston was actually the one who slept with a pony in his crib, he eventually rubbed all of the hair off of it and said he didn’t need it anymore. 😉 Carter has always slept with his bear, but he loves my hair too. I don’t know what it is with my boys and my hair!

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