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I took these pictures of my younger brother Royce this past winter, a month or so after I had Owen.  It was a surprisingly warm winter day and we didn’t have to venture far.  This field is right near my parent’s house.  We were out just long enough to enjoy the sunshine and use up one roll of film.  I tried out a local lab this time around because it was cheap and quick.  I guess you get what you paid for because I ended up with some wonky colors, but I’m always glad to make mistakes so I can learn from them, and I still love these pictures!  I might even re-scan them someday, only time will tell…

4 Responses to Country Boy – Utah County Portrait Photographer

  1. Royce says:

    i’m probably vain for liking this page….

  2. tearese says:

    I don’t think the colors look wonky, just looks like stuff people do on purpose in photoshop. THey turned out nice!

  3. Karen H says:

    I love these compositions!!! He is lucky to have such a talented sister to take his photo :).

  4. admin says:

    Royce, when you say that a song comes to mind. 😉

    Thank you Tearese! I’m always second guessing myself, so that makes me feel good.

    Thank you Karen, I feel like my compositions are so much better when I’m relaxed and shooting for fun. I’m hoping one day I’ll be that way at every shoot…

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